Our Nurseries

Our settings are filled with Montessori equipment, and then divided into curriculum areas: Practical life, Sensorial, Language, Mathematical, Cultural, Creative inside and outside.

The environment has core Montessori equipment as well as items used in various activities according to the children attending.  Everything is real in the nursery, from china dishes, scissors, needles, tweezers and screwdrivers; to flowers, plant pots and furniture.

In this way children are taught how to live in a real-world environment, how to use and respect everything properly. Children are able to use activities for as long as they wish. They are not forced to share, or interrupted if they are concentrating on an activity and children can take rests as and when required.

All the activities are displayed at child level which enables the children to choose their own activities but qualified staff are on hand to encourage and support the children. The Montessori equipment in our setting ensures learning is fun and interesting; there is a variety of things to do, which cover almost every aspect of life itself. To us the children’s freedom, dignity and independence are of paramount importance.

At Little Orchard your child will be taught how to get along with others and other social rules such as how to blow your nose, tuck in a chair when you leave the table, or greet a friend or stranger; but they can always decide for themselves what they wish to do. Yoga, movement, instrument, dancing, singing and story sessions enhance the day, should the children wish to engage in such sessions.

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