A Typical Day
If your child is attending one of our nurseries their day may well start at 8am with a breakfast of cereal or toast which they have helped to prepare themselves.   Other children will arrive at 9 and are greeted and settled into their areas with their key persons.

We cater for children from 3 months to 5 years and the under two’s have their own area in the nursery It is a warm carpeted area with a sofa and cosy nests. Babies can explore treasure baskets under the supervision of their key persons, who will follow the natural rhythms of the child. We recognize that not all of the babies attending our nursery will be sleeping, need changing, or feeding at the same times and we will not force an unnatural routine for the sake of convenience.  

The 2 – 3 year olds will have more of a routine to their day with their key person following the children's natural rhythm. Children in this group will have snack together in their small group, go outside (morning and pm), have story time together and join in other activities.  Any meals required will be eaten with all the children.

Children over three may choose activities from a fun and open environment. They can decide when to have a snack throughout the morning, when to go outside, whether to play on their own or with friends. They are always encouraged to make their own choices!

Directresses/Director will demonstrate activities and invite children to join adult-led activities if they wish to, but they are not made to feel they must. Children are encouraged to be independent and to help each other and care for the environment that they spend their day in. They will do this by preparing snacks, washing dishes, mopping and sweeping, watering plants and tidying up after themselves.

The over twos have access to all age areas in the nursery and are free to move between areas as long as the younger children are not being disturbed

Our staff will be consistantly make detailed observations of the children to ensure the environment meets the child’s optimum needs and interests at all times. 

Naps can be taken in the gorgeous cosy nests or inflatable beds which enable children to climb in when they need to sleep and easily get up when they are awake.

Children help with lunch preparations before all children and adults sit together for lunch whether this is packed lunch from home or lunch provided by us.

Afternoon sessions operate in the same way as the morning session and the day may be enhanced by activities such as movement, music or yoga.

If children are staying for a tea time session they will help tidy the environment and ensure it is ready for next day as well as having the opportunity to chose from a variety of activities.