Ivybridge Town

Little Orchard Ivybridge Town is situated in the centre of Ivybridge in a building originally built for Devon youth groups. This larger setting has one central room, an area for babies to sleep, separate office and a kitchen area in the main room.

The main room is divided into curriculum areas with wooden shelved trolley and fencing, the under twos have an area in the main room and a separate quieter area for sleeping. Being together gives the nursery our familiar family feel.  Older children can go to younger areas, so that siblings and friends can be with each other if they wish to.

Ivybridge Town is open from 8am - 6pm and  we offer the children breakfast, a two course hot lunch produced by a qualified chef, high tea and snacks.  Children are also welcome to bring their own food from home. As the kitchen is based in the room the children are able to see the food being prepared. For more information on our food click here

Our outside facilities will include a fenced grassed area where the children can plant vegetables, hang bird feeders, play and chat to their friends, balance on stepping stones and so much more. We are fortunate being based in the town as we can take the children on trips to the local butchers, bakers, library, to feed the ducks and there is a large public field to play ball games.

Children attending Ivybridge Town move on to a variety of primary schools due to our large catchment area and we will support all our children in their transitions.

As this setting is due to open shortly it currently has not had an Ofsted Inspection but will do within 30 months at which point we can also apply for accreditation with the  Montessori Evaluation and Accreditation Board.